Cedral Fibre Cement Slate

Many people think of roof tiles as a robust solution for a roof. Tiles are a common roof covering, but they are not as durable as specially engineered fibre cement slates. Cedral slates – if placed properly – have a life expectancy of more than 50 year. This guarantees that you can enjoy a quality roof for years to come.

Moreover, Cedral offers you a manufacturer’s warranty on its fibre cement slates. You won’t easily find any similar warranty for other roofing solutions. That’s because fibre-cement really stands out because of its lightweight strength.

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Cedral slates are made of fibre cement. This composite material is composed of ingredients that are readily available in nature and that are low in toxicity. The main components are cement (made from limestone and clay rock), sand, air and water – mixed with fibres for extra strength.

Thanks to the clever combination of air (30% of fibre-cement slates) and fibres, fibre cement slates are lighter and stronger than natural slates or roof tiles. They have an excellent wind and weather resistance, withstanding storms with ease. Thanks to their porous structure, they can also absorb up to a third of their weight in humidity, effectively combating condensation in your roof structure. This makes them the ideal roofing material, both for renovations and new constructions.

Also important: fibre cement slates also have an excellent fire performance classification of A2-s1, d0. With Cedral slates you add safety and peace of mind to your home.